Take Your Worries Away

The Stress of a High Maintenance Relationship

There have always been people in the world who expect to receive constant compliments and gifts from their partner, but modern living has turned this into a stressful way for two people to be together. When one person has continual needs from the other, both of them can become overwhelmed. Forgetting to tell a partner they look great in the morning can lead to a day of being treated badly, and this adds to the stress of life. Recognising the issue is only a small part of the battle, and living with it constantly can be a drain on the vitality of a partner.

Understanding a high maintenance partner

Compliments are important to most people, and those who are high maintenance go the extra length to deserve them. For some partners, there is the belief that everything they do should receive praise. This is generally easy in the beginning of a relationship, but it can be turn into a stressful situation when it is a necessity at all times. There is no comfort zone for the partner of a high maintenance person, and they will need to understand that compliments and gifts must be delivered every day for the relationship to flourish. When they forget to present a gift in a timely manner, or fail to compliment their partner on a perfect outfit, there will be a distinct lowering of the emotional temperature between them. Failure equates to stress in this situation, so it must be understood that constant attention is important.

Observation is key

For those who have a partner that is high maintenance, they must learn to observe everything. Noticing something as small as a new ring or slightly different hair style is the key to avoiding stress that can ruin the relationship. The person involved with someone like this can avoid the stress of an unbalanced relationship as long as they make the effort to heap praise on their partner for every little thing they do, but it is an effort that must be maintained.

A parade of gifts

People who are high maintenance often believe they should be rewarded for their behaviour, and giving them gifts is one of the successful ways to reward them. For the person who loves to shop, this is an ideal relationship. They have a reason to spend hours every week looking for the perfect gifts to reward their partner, and there is generally no bar too high when it comes to choosing. They see it as an opportunity to do what they want, so it works out for both partners. Those who fail to find shopping for a parade of gifts on a regular basis as welcome pastime will often end the relationship due to the unmanageable levels of stress it entails.

There may be something missing in the emotional makeup of a high maintenance partner, but they are often perceived as an asset in the relationship. No matter what causes it, the solutions are as unique as the person. Avoiding stress with this type of partner requires daily compliments or gifts, and failure to provide them will knock the relationship askew and create stress until the situation is corrected.